Yes, she’s back: this is Metaux Lourds! I’m so thrilled to have shot again with her because I believe we share a lot of the same values. Marine and I met first for a shoot for /positive motion/ project - along with some beers and extras, but that’s another story - and since then, I was eager to collaborate again with her.
She’s a great person with a lot of deepness in the way she perceives life. She’s a strong woman, a feminist, an open-minded person and a lot more. All values I relate to, so I’m grateful she welcomed me for the /den/ and opened her intimacy to my camera.

This was an easy shot: we knew we wanted to include a lot of details. Glasses, dinosaurs, framed pictures, flowery bedspread, even a unicorn… but the most precious and required was Sans Sucre (hope I spell it right); her mighty dog. And here we go, trying to frame all that motley stuff, her dog and hoping to get herself right… and then, this happened.

The den of Metaux Lourds

She gave me this strong look, and Sans Sucre posed like a rock star. In a second, we moved from a Parisian small flat to some kind of weird location between Russia and Ukraine, posing with her dog like a Kalashnikov, like a baroness with her cash and jewellery. She’s the Queen of her gang, she rules.

Self-derision and humour are the two bullets we shot this time, we headshot. All the values of self-empowerment, self-acceptance, acceptance of every other person, love, joy, and freedom are enclosed in those shells. And still, this is not orchestrated: not candid either but only slightly manipulated. It’s the profound and sharp truth, the honesty of self-recognition, of a multi-sided person enclosed in one flesh. This is what I was looking for.
Thanks again Marine for your kindness, your open mind and all the stuff I can learn thanks to you. Have the dog a kiss for me, you know he loves me :)