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/persona/ – Jane

When I met Jane for the first time, she told me she was usually not the kind of person who will share a lot of her personality with strangers at the first time. I must assume there are exceptions to this rule since she and I connected very easily and after having shared a glass of white wine in a café in our neighborhood, she invited me the next Sunday afternoon to discover her place and a few traits of her personality. She told me her story, how she ended living in the same flat as her best friend, how she has built a shelter for her and her art in these troglodyte rooms as she called them. She smoked a lot, we talked and we finally built this set for /persona/ project.

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/persona/ – Noémie

The beauty of working with models for creating art is how much different are the people you meet. I first met Noémie while working on /discloser/ set, a project where a model uses her body to express emotion and personality sides. Despite she's a young model, Noémie has strong opinions and ideas on how she is the owner of her own body, how she can or want to use it as a mean of expression for feminism.

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/discloser/ Amanda

Exploring personality is still fascinating, even after having shot so many /discloser/ sets and iterated /persona/ project for more than three years now. Even when the shoots occurs after an exhausting week of labor, on a Friday night and both the model and the photographer are just exhausted and praying for a let-me-sleep zone.

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1 juin 2016Un commentaire

/Persona/ This is Amanda

I met Amanda on Model Mayhem: she's from Toronto and even if she speaks French we decided to talk in English. I'm quite comfortable with it, so I decided to write this post also in English -- hope you don't mind :)

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/positive motion/ Miss EcilA

C’est à travers son book que j’ai pris contact avec miss EcilA pour lui proposer de participer à un de mes projets en cours, et après quelques échanges, c’est sur /positive motion/ qu’elle jetera son dévolu. Il faut dire que l’énergie qui se dégage de ce projet colle bien à la personnalité de EcilA, qui en outre d’être modèle, se lève la semaine à 3h du matin pour bosser dans l’agro alimentaire.

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/positive motion/ Lily

/positive motion/ est un projet qui commence à prendre sérieusement de l’ampleur et malgré les années je suis toujours passionné par ce projet. Exprimer des émotions positives via le mouvement et la danse reste un défi non seulement technique mais surtout émotionnel.

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10 mai 2016Un commentaire

/discloser/ Noémie

Beaucoup de fraicheur et une nouvelle collaboration autour de /discloser/ qui accueille aujourd’hui Noémie.

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/discloser/ Nayrash

/discloser/ est toujours une série sur laquelle j'adore travailler et cette nouvelle rencontre avec Nayrash n'a pas démérité. Et qui sait, peut être que /discloser/ donnera lieu à un projet plus ... physique.

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/persona/ Pauline

Il y a maintenant quelques semaines j’ai eu l’opportunité de rencontrer Pauline qui m’a accueilli chez elle pour raconter un nouvel opus de /persona/.
Comme toujours dans cette série, le story telling est important : si cette fois les clichés sont un peu plus sombres, le lecteur attentif y trouvera aussi quelques petites choses ramenées du japon.

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My tools and app of choice to collect and store inspiration

English content Originally posted on ELLO


Control Freak
I don’t really know if I can call myself a Control Freak - probably yes. I’ve always been fascinated by optimizing processes and organization. I’m the kind of guy who will play a video game and focus only one specific character to reach the higher level and optimize each piece of equipment. It’s all the same in my everyday life, I don’t have a military organisation but I have a series of methods and systems (mostly based on GTD, Get things done which will allow me to free some mental space up in order to be in a positive mood for creation, concentration and decision making.
A large part of my daily routine is to read and collect some information about a lot of topics, and obviously a lot about photography. I have never been taught photography, nor I went to art school: all I know is self-training which occurred over time, practicing, reading articles and looking at images every day. This article, a bit special, try to explain how I have organized this collect and store process. As a mac nerd, pretty much all tools are on OS X and iOS, except a few that are available as cloud services.

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