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It's an idea, a try to express a personality through series of pictures, to come as we are without disguise or wear carnival costume. /Persona/ is one the projects I have iterated the most these last few years, through several experiments like Come as You Are, Home or Humanimal, until now when the project has its current shape.

Just like /discloser/ tries to express multiple sides of personality by colliding portraits and close body shots, /persona/ aim is to express various aspects which build our personalities. This time, I'm digging into the model very environment: introducing a person into her home, with her details, accessories, splice of time and light.

In this project, storytelling is the key: we share and we tell a story that we will try to stage together. Your home becomes a stage where we express sides of your personality, a quick glitch about the "who", through the "what" and the "where".

This is

/positive motion/

Positive Motion project origin has to be found in the search for positive feelings means of expression. It's not easy to express or illustrate such a prism of emotions; at least without going with butterflies and ribbons in a wheat field during summer.
Here, music becomes the main support, printing in the picture its own motion. The body becomes a stave in which positive emotions anchor and unleash themselves.


Not really looking for new collabs, because the next step of this project is /equi.libre/. If you were considering posing for /persona/, have a look to /equi.libre/ and let me know :)


Not really looking for new collabs, but if you are a dancer, a gymnast or just w/ particular skills that would fit with this project, drop me a line.

Alma /persona/
Noémie for /persona/ set -- feminism and path from childhood to grown-up world
11 – SD_151111_Bouh-0444@2x

Those are only a few of the shots from this series. To see more of those, just drop by my blog, and you'll find what you're looking for :)

Those are only a few of the shots from this series. To see more of those, just drop by my blog, and you'll find what you're looking for :)

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