As a photographer, I would have loved let my image speaks for myself, like a mirror of excuses to not say too much. These few lines are here to explain the man and the approach, provide a quick preview of the who instead of the what.

I shoot models since 2006. Photography is my spillway, I use it like a diary, a book or a sheet of paper where I drop my emotions, my questions, where I search ... a lot and find ... a little. The projects I'm working always depends on a context and are linked to the current timeframe, deliberate or not, precise of blurry.

Up to 2011, my personal story led me to work on many dark projects, with a lot of meaning and often about duality and self-esteem. This was before. Before that major shift when my like reached a turning point and obviously my work. too. Since then, I'm working on positive emotions and causes I want to defend through my work: feminism, body positivism, acceptation of all as humans. 

I search, grope, try and eventually find: technics, approaches, contexts, more or less scripted projects, everything is an experiment. 

Lately, I decided to give more personality to my work and focus on a very little number of projects. I'm also French, even if I prefer writing in English and here are a few key point if you would like to work with me:

- I'm only working w/ collabs. TFP only, no paid work even if you're Beyonce or Monica
- It also applies to my work: I never ask for money and don't want to get paid.
- I'm not looking for a plastic doll: I'm looking for humans, come as you are.
- I'm located in Paris, and I can rent a studio if needed.

You didn't run yet and would like to participate in one of my projects? Drop me a line!

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If you read this, it's because you've scrolled way too low. Ok then, let's add a useless copyright because no one really cares. 

You're really not allowed to download, replicate images which are basically my property. But if you do so, please keep at least the credits because you know - Internet.
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