As a photographer, I would have loved let my image speaks for myself, like a mirror of excuses to not say too much. These few lines are here to explain the man and the approach, provide a quick preview of the who instead of the what.

Photography is my spillway, I use it like a diary, a book, or a sheet of paper where I drop my emotions, my questions, that's where I search ... a lot and find ... a little. The projects I'm working on always depend on a context and are linked to the current timeframe, deliberate or not, precise or blurry.

When I started, more than 15 years ago, my work was darker as was my life. Photography was the best catharsis I could find, and even if it wasn't the only answer it helped a lot. Then my life changed, and so did my work which began to be more dedicated to positive emotions, bringing back joy and movement in my art.

These past years, I tried to inject some of my deep values into my photographs: feminism, body positivism, acceptation of all humans as equals, while trying to get rid of my own male gaze. Visually I evolve toward a more cinematographic look, trying to paint stills from an ongoing movie.

I search, grope, try and eventually find: technics, approaches, contexts, and more or less scripted projects; everything is only an experiment. Lately, I decided to give more personality to my work and focus on a very little number of projects.

I'm also French, even if I prefer writing in English and here are a few key point if you would like to work with me:

- I'm only working w/ collabs. TFP only, no paid work even if you're Beyonce or Monica
- It also applies to my work: I never ask for money and don't want to get paid.
- I'm not looking for a plastic doll: I'm looking for humans, come as you are.
- I'm now located in Montréal, QC Canada

You didn't run yet and would like to participate in one of my projects? Drop me a line!

Get in touch?

Currently in Montréal, QC Canada
I speak French, English and even a bit of Italian!

Twitter: @angeswadman
Instagram: @angeswadman

© ange swadman, since 2007

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