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It’s been a few months now that I force myself writing at least 300 words long articles when publishing images. First, it was only for improving SEO, but I realized very soon I don’t really care about getting known or improving visibility through my website. Next, it was because some people told me they actually read and feel like they understand a bit more what I’m trying to express through some series.

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My tools and app of choice to collect and store inspiration

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Control Freak
I don’t really know if I can call myself a Control Freak - probably yes. I’ve always been fascinated by optimizing processes and organization. I’m the kind of guy who will play a video game and focus only one specific character to reach the higher level and optimize each piece of equipment. It’s all the same in my everyday life, I don’t have a military organisation but I have a series of methods and systems (mostly based on GTD, Get things done which will allow me to free some mental space up in order to be in a positive mood for creation, concentration and decision making.
A large part of my daily routine is to read and collect some information about a lot of topics, and obviously a lot about photography. I have never been taught photography, nor I went to art school: all I know is self-training which occurred over time, practicing, reading articles and looking at images every day. This article, a bit special, try to explain how I have organized this collect and store process. As a mac nerd, pretty much all tools are on OS X and iOS, except a few that are available as cloud services.

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Un billet un peu particulier et exceptionnel sur le blog aujourd'hui, il est rare que je m'exprime sur le sujet directement mais c'est par la voix d'un autre que je communique aujourd'hui.

Le contexte : un groupe Facebook "Les pires mails de photographes". Il en contient des perles, tant le monde de la photographie "amateur" (bien que rien que ce terme nécessiterai de m’épancher en longues lignes insipides) est un pas-toujours-joyeux bordel. Sur ce groupe, un trublion qui signe sous le nom de Elsephir Libre m'a gentiment autorisé à réproduire ici un post qui rejoint à tel point ma façon de voir les choses en ce moment, que je n'ai plus qu'a me la fermer et à vous lacher le pavé.

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