English content

It’s been a few months now that I force myself writing at least 300 words long articles when publishing images. First, it was only for improving SEO, but I realized very soon I don’t really care about getting known or improving visibility through my website. Next, it was because some people told me they actually read and feel like they understand a bit more what I’m trying to express through some series.

This last reason is a bit ambiguous for me and I’m fighting internally with mixed feelings about it: on the one hand, it really helps to get on the very purpose of a series but on the other hand it means I’m not doing a really good job as a story teller in my images. So it made me revised the content and the very purpose I’m writing for. I don’t really want to talk about the models: what I feel or how I viewed a person, what she gave or not should be in the image and explaining makes me feel that my words will do an even worse job.

I have been struggling with writing for a long time now and I now feel I have to evolve. I began writing this while trying to write about a /persona/ set with Lea, but it has nothing to do with this, that’s why I’ll drop this as a side note that probably nobody will read. I think I need a break from the writing rule (300 words each article) but to allow me a bit more freedom in the way I publish my images.

Anyway, if anybody ever read this, just tell me what you would like to hear about when I publish a set :) Who knows, I might just be out of focus.