When I first saw Aury's portfolio I thought she was a very experienced model with a lot of self-confidence. I was not exactly correct and to be honest, I take a lot more pleasure working with people who throw themselves out of their comfort zone. It's a lot more productive and a lot more rewarding afterward.

/discloser/ project is a very mature project in its current form: I know by heart the light setup, the process, the tricks and the technics. That let me focus on the most important part of a shoot: connecting with models. Without this kind of connection, I don't think we would have had such a shoot.

Just as a quick reminder, even if there is a small part of the process which is made in post production, like the final black and white, a little bit of noise and obviously the stitching to build the diptych, most of the work is done during the shoot. There is no photoshop at all involved: no skin correction, no blur added. One the portrait part I use a tilt adapter and an old Canon lens to get almost everything blurry but the face, since the face is the first vector of expression in this part of the diptych. On the other hand, the close shot is all about texture so it would make no sense correcting it.

This project is all about the duality between our multiples personality sides and the one and only body which host them. I don't care about the people being pretty or having a perfect body, I've not interest in photographing plastic. I'm interested in people, which their strengths, their weaknesses and with or without self-confidence.

I love the strength Aury has put in this shoot, even if she was not that comfortable. I love the contrast she was able to provide me and how she was able to let everything go at some point. Hope you will enjoy this shoot too :)