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No & Matt -twice as a /persona/

The way my photography works is directly linked to what I have to express and lately I’ve been working on a new project that would deal with couples, love, humanity, relationships … In this attempt to create something new I recruited No & Matt for several tests and working sessions and I totally failed … at creating something new.

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/positive motion/ Marine aka Métaux Lourds

Even if my projects evolve, /positive motion/ is one that I will pursue in the long term, at least as long as I have positive emotions to express :)

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Nayrash for /persona/

I’ve shot several series with Leah during the past two years, and each time the pleasure to discover new personality sides is renewed. She’s a very multi-sided person with a lot to offer, especially being in a kind of between two generations.

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22 décembre 2016Aucun commentaire

/discloser/ – Nicolas

Strange. This is it, maybe I should stop writing this article right here, how much strange was this encounter with Nicolas. I have already written about how hard it is to find valuable masculine collaborations: a lot of the men contacting me are either « wesh-wesh » with no intend to create imaginative imagery or bodybuilders who only wants to show their muscle. Nicolas is neither of that, but man, what a strange person.

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/discloser/ – Emma

During a conversation with a model, I’ve discovered the notion of body-positivism, which is basically being confident with one self-body and stop being ashamed and harassed by fashion dictates. I didn’t know I was part of something bigger like this, but this is a state of mind I totally rely on. I’ve got often contacts from people who have never posed and just want to have a first experience, see what’s like to be in the shoes of a model (with no shoes :wink:) or who want to face their own body in front of a camera and their approach is often to be related to body-positivism.

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9 décembre 2016Aucun commentaire

/persona/ – Alma

When I first saw Alma’s portfolio I was totally amazed and felt like she was what I qualified as « an expression of humanity ». I don’t know how to describe it better, but when I first looked at her pictures, they just sounded real and right, like the truth of a human body deeply settled in a physical reality. Meeting her in person didn’t deny this feeling of humanity and even added a huge load of kindness. Honestly, this is one of the more truthful encounters I had in the past months.

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/discloser/ – Elodie

As a photographer, a big part of my job is to connect and help my model to express themselves by participating in a common creation of imagery. Sometimes I think I fail and something emerges out of the ashes … sometimes I just fail. I never blame the models, and I won’t this time neither, but I must admit that this shoot didn’t work as intended at all.

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25 novembre 20162 Comments

/positive motion/ Mimosa Pudica

A huge part of the emotional power that resides in /positive motion/ project is due to the very particular aestheticism conveyed by both the dance and the light & post production combo. Therefore having the opportunity to shoot with models who have special skills like being a professional dancer or,like Mimosa Pudica, a pole dance teacher is an amazing opportunity.

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18 novembre 2016Aucun commentaire

/discloser/ – Aury

When I first saw Aury's portfolio I thought she was a very experienced model with a lot of self-confidence. I was not exactly correct and to be honest, I take a lot more pleasure working with people who throw themselves out of their comfort zone. It's a lot more productive and a lot more rewarding afterward.

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/persona/ – Mimosa Pudica

Sometimes you have the opportunity to meet people who will welcome you in their life like if you were an old friend. They offer their trust without any limit, peacefully and honestly and let you in with an open mind. This is how I met Audrey, aka Mimosa Pudica - yeah, just like the flower. We shared a few emails, very few actually and voilà, two sets were planned: /persona/ and /positive motion/.

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