Et oui ! Un mec … enfin :)
Je ne le dis pas assez souvent mais c’est très difficile de trouver des collaborations masculines de qualité. Dans les modèles homme qui me contactent, j’ai la plupart du temps soit du wesh sans aucune démarche artistique, soit du bodybuildé narcissique.

Donc quand je tombe enfin sur une collab masculine de qualité, j’en profite :)
Je ne vais pas vraiment m’étendre sur le sujet, mais il est vraiment très utile pour moi de travailler avec un homme de temps en temps afin de valider la pertinence et l’honneteté de ma démarche. Pour plus de détails, je vous invite à lire cet article que j’ai publié sur Ello il y a peu et dont vous trouverez copie en fin de post.


English content Originally posted on ELLO

Browsing Ello lately I came across a post from @billysheahan, and commenting we start discussing about photographing men.

I don't have as much experience in photographing men as I have in working with female models, mainly because it's very hard for me to find a man who share the creative process as a model. It's just like women were more aware of their body and how they can use it to express emotions. The huge majority of men who contact me are usually either bodybuilders wanting to show their muscles or people wanting to get pictures with basically zero artistic questioning.

I've probably shoot something like 6 men total during last past 8 years, but now and then I love to push myself out of my comfort zone to check that my mind and my feelings are still on the same line.
Obviously there is the same aesthetic search during a shoot with a male model and I have the same process. But shooting men helps me double checking I'm still working on a creative basis, and that nude photography is not an excuse for being a peeping tom. I don't really question myself very often on that topic (I spend a lot more time questioning the artistic creation itself ^^) but from time to time, I find it useful to be sure I'm doing it right. Just like confronting myself in the mirror.

/discloser/ project is the perfect occasion to enlarge the scope of model types. This project is all about reuniting the way we express our personalities and the body with is ours, at that very moment with its strengths, its flaws and its marks. The shoot before this one (not yet published) featured a model with not-so-good breast implants, not very aesthetic to be honest, but it's totally fitting in the idea of this project: it's her body with all her past and current state.
I'm really happy I finally had the occasion to shoot Boris on this project, and I think it move the whole series a step forward.

Hope you like it, and sorry for the big long text :)
Full set will be published soon on my website