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Something clever.
As a first post on Ello, I would like probably to have something clever to say ; at least more clever than just Hello Ello or I ate an Apple this morning. Maybe that’s the good time to start thinking about the purpose of social networking, self image and how I would like to use it, to make people feel, but wait...

Something personal.
Like any kind of social network, this platform should be about expressing ourselves and connecting with other. « Friends »? Nah ... I have friends in real life, what I do with friends is not suitable for a so- cial network. « Connecting » ? Hell yeah. That’s the target, connect with people sharing the same kind of interest.

I’m a photographer.
I’m many things; I’m a friend, a lover, a father, a company builder ... and a photographer. For sure I don’t spend as much time as I would like in this specific field of activity but that’s ok. Photographs are my diary, the way I chose for expressing myself. So ... why write here and not post a god damn picture?

I’m a model photographer.
The way I’m building pictures require some time. It’s always based on a collaboration so once you have an idea - not necessarily a precise idea or even a precise message -, you try booking models and start shooting. This can take months when it’s not your daily activity. But as I said, it’s ok.
It’s ironic.
The irony is that after investing so much time in putting so much of myself in a picture, I don’t really like to talk about my work and explain it. Let the image talk instead of me. And let it say more than I want to say. Or less if I’ve failed. Let’s the obvious yell and the undisclosed reveal itself. But wait ...


Ok then, I’ll post a picture.
An maybe I will even talk about it. Got it.

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