I’ve shot this set of /equi.libre/ in May, and since then I’m struggling to write this article and publish what I think is one of the best series for the /equi.libre/ project. As a photographer, I use imagery to convey my thoughts, my obsessions, and my guts feeling. It’s already hard enough to morph those ideas into images which are inherently open to interpretation, so trying to put words over that is a bit like chasing smoke.

I love to discuss my projects, explain my approach and chat during hours about the way I see things; but when it deals with such a profound transposition of my thoughts, I must admit I’m stuck. The /equi.libre/ project is all about humanity: resolving the impossible equation between multiple changing souls, one and only frozen body and the acceptance of all the combinations. It deals evenly with feminism, body-positivism, multi-gender equality, love of one or many, right to dispose of one’s very own body and souls, beliefs, ... everything bound together by respect and the recognition of the human condition.

Unlike the /den/ project, which is a lot more simple and obeys the same very rules for each picture, /equi.libre/ set is staged and the casting is deliberate. For instance, in this set, I very pleased to welcome: Ada Ardente, Gunpowder Gelatine, Pierce, and Sonya; four incredible people who trusted me to get onboard for this crazy set. Ada was already involved in the previous /equi.libre/ set with Mimosa Pudica and Alma, so she knew where she was stepping in. Sonya introduced me to Pierce: this was the starting point of this set because I could not pursue this project without involving a guy for once. I need a lot more diversity into this project so involving mixed genders is only a very first step. Finally, Gunpowder Gelatine - what a nickname! - she’s like the spark which ignites the blaze.

This team was amazing to shoot with: Ada is like the calm water which can be soft and strong at the same time, Sonya is the incarnation of joy and playfulness bringing fun and lightness on set, Pierce is at the same time strong and weak, a slight balance which can move from one side of the spectrum to the other very quickly, and finally Gunpowder is bringing fire on stage, she arrives late, misses the briefing and yet is able to start in a second with great ideas. If It wasn’t actually happened, I would have said it’s the plot of another blockbuster movie.

And what a blockbuster, indeed. This shoot was amazing and I’m thriving to do it again. I love our production, I love seeing my obsessions getting life through these images and I love the memories I keep about this morning of madness. I hope you’ll enjoy that set now.