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/equi.libre/ (of May)

I’ve shot this set of /equi.libre/ in May, and since then I’m struggling to write this article and publish what I think is one of the best series for the /equi.libre/ project. As a photographer, I use imagery to convey my thoughts, my obsessions, and my guts feeling. It’s already hard enough to morph those ideas into images which are inherently open to interpretation, so trying to put words over that is a bit like chasing smoke.

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Introducing the /den/ project

I’ve been obsessed with people place and how it can reveal oneself for a while now: /home/, /persona/ are testimonies of my past tries dealing with this rabbit hole. Lately, I’ve been focused on building the /equi.libre/ project which is a pretty complex one, involving multiple models, staged aesthetics, location finding, complex lightning ... and I really needed to have an alternative project running: one which would be lighter, easier to set up, and properly sized to encounter new people who I would involve in other sets: this is how I gave birth to the /den/, of which I must say I’m pretty excited about!

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No & Matt -twice as a /persona/

The way my photography works is directly linked to what I have to express and lately I’ve been working on a new project that would deal with couples, love, humanity, relationships … In this attempt to create something new I recruited No & Matt for several tests and working sessions and I totally failed … at creating something new.

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18 juillet 2015Un commentaire

/persona/ Leah

Cela fait un petit moment maintenant que j’essaie de travailler sur des projets de shoot en situation. Je suis passé par beaucoup d’étapes comme le montre la page projet dédiée à /Persona/, et j’avoue tatonner encore.

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Ello. 07, juil. 2015.

English content Originally posted on ELLO

Last Sunday, I shot with Lea. It was not the first time we were shooting together, but this time she welcomed me in her very home in order to make a try for new « in situ » project. Actually « new » is not quite right since I’ve already tried multiple times to deal with this tendentious project of shooting home.

In the past tries, I either brought my studio flashes or some kind of strobist installation. Let’s say it straight: I didn’t really achieve anything that good. I mean, I’m not an expert but I don’t consider I’m in trouble in studio. I know pretty much what I do while I’m in studio , even if I don’t really know many lightning techniques. But when I’m on location … I never reach a sufficient satisfaction level with flashes or strobes.

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Ello. 29, janv. 2015. Work in progress, /humanimal/

English content Originally posted on ELLO

Work in progress, /humanimal/

I’m currently working a new project called /humanimal/. This is really a work in progress, even the name is not final, so everything can still change :)

First, I need to remind that continuity is very important in my work. I’m trying new things at every project, I do not have a very consistent work, I lack a lot of homogeneity in treatments but I love remind former projects in new ones. Basically this is due to the way I use photography: as a diary to express my life, and there is both heterogeneity and consistency in life. Things evolve and change everyday but past is still there and a basis for present.

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Ello. 21, Jan 2015. First 35 films

English content Originally posted on ELLO

First 35 films

I’ve just received the first pictures of my develop-it-yourself experiment!
Ok let’s face it: as every beginners, I’ve fuck up some stuff :x But for a first a first try that’s pretty ok. Negative development is the part I’ve really done during this first experiment, from putting the film in the tank with no light at all to dry the negative after it’s developed. Since it was the first stage I didn’t want to make the print by myself on the first try so I gave it to a lab.

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Home. Carolin

Dans la continuité de la séance précédente (voir Rose), c’est à présent Carolin qui se prête au jeu. Mêmes contraintes de mon côté : un environnement inconnu, une lumière non maitrisée, une focale fixe (x100s toujours au pied) et un équipement très léger.

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Home. Rose

Voici une séance qui date un peu… à vrai dire elle-même de l’année dernière. Si je ne l’ai pas publiée jusqu’à présent, c’est tout simplement parce qu’il fallut autant de temps pour appréhender le traitement : trouver la façon dont je souhaitais rendre ce projet très particulier, abrupt et aussi intimiste qu’intrusif.

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8 mars 2013Un commentaire

Come as You Are (CYA): Stephanie

Juste avant de partir en Asie, j'ai eu la chance de rencontré Stéphanie avec qui nous avons improvisé une séance tout en simplicité. De là est né le concept de "Come as you are" (CYA), projet que je vais surement décliner en série.

Le concept est assez simple : se rapprocher de l'humain au maximum. Exit les artifices toshopesque des shoots "mode", aucune retouche sur les images; uniquement le traitement. Une tenue et du nu; comme tu es.

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