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Very unusual post today, not directly related with my photographic work but still. Yesterday, in Paris, 12 people were murdered in their Newspaper office by two guys claiming to avenge Mahomet Prophet. We still don't know if this was really the motive, but among that 12 people, 2 were cops and 4 were very talented and famous illustrators working for Charlie Hebdo newspaper.

We might be for or against this newspaper, which have been satiric newspaper for the last 40 years fighting with humor against all dogmatism, it is a direct attack against Freedom of speech and thinking.

That, you can read it everywhere now in the press. A lot of people gathered themselves yesterday night to express their pain, their shock and their will to say NO, and today is national mourning day in France.
I am from a generation that never experienced war directly, but we have to remember WWII was only 70 years ago and every day we encounter situations that could lead to a new global conflict, just look at Ukraine for instance. This is partially why I'm very cautious with social network and concerned with data privacy. All the fancy tools we have are cool as long as we live in a democracy which doesn't use that data to sort people or to define what's good or wrong.

Yesterday people died because they were taunting radicalism with a pen. Those people think 12 persons with lives and families, deserve to die because they were making drawings. FFS! I'm photographing nude models!
It didn't happened in a uncivilized country. It didn't happen where religion is law. It didn't happened because of misery, because of lack of education or because of unemployment of boredom. It happened in France, perpetuated by French against French; in a country where school and history is mandatory to be learned.

We shall not have fear. We shall not let terror install itself.
But we have to be aware. I am Charlie. We are all Charlie.

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