Sometimes you have the opportunity to meet people who will welcome you in their life like if you were an old friend. They offer their trust without any limit, peacefully and honestly and let you in with an open mind. This is how I met Audrey, aka Mimosa Pudica - yeah, just like the flower. We shared a few emails, very few actually and voilà, two sets were planned: /persona/ and /positive motion/.

To build a /persona/ set, we first talk, then we talk, and after we talk a bit more. So here we are, in her flat talking about her life, how she ended up living here in this brand new apartment she's been occupying only for the last three weeks and yet it already feels like home. She and I have a lot of similarities in our life journey: not really that I like to be dressed in leather and chains, but we both had dark and light phases, same kind of pains, memories and new beginnings.

Usually in /persona/ sets, I'm using nudity as a lead for the reader: getting down the rabbit hole of one's personality, deeper and deeper. This time, I chose to start with her, nude in her bathroom, as a memory of all her dark moments in order to settle this a starting point and focus on the brighter sides of her life. From dark to light.

I love this set, and want to thanks again Audrey for having shared all this with me and allowed us to build this series. We managed to establish trust and connection so quickly, that it's also an amazing personal experiment and another proof that Photography is all about being connected. /persona/ keeps me connected to people, real people, not fashion glossy and fake idols. Thanks again for your trust Mimosa Pudica.