When I met Jane for the first time, she told me she was usually not the kind of person who will share a lot of her personality with strangers at the first time. I must assume there are exceptions to this rule since she and I connected very easily and after having shared a glass of white wine in a café in our neighborhood, she invited me the next Sunday afternoon to discover her place and a few traits of her personality. She told me her story, how she ended living in the same flat as her best friend, how she has built a shelter for her and her art in these troglodyte rooms as she called them. She smoked a lot, we talked and we finally built this set for /persona/ project.

Jane is a painter, and a model, and much more. She told me she's a night bird, a bit crazy and deep in love with the people she shares her life with. Her place is just like her, a series of different layers where she stored stuff that matters, isolated pieces of her that make a whole. When she's home - and I bet, it's not so often ^^- her world is connected by the kitchen, which is the central room of this large Parisian apartment, just like it was her Grand Central with connections to her passions and friends. Next door, lies Eve's lair like a postcard of a paradise destination for a vacation.

I definitely love /persona/ project because it reminds me at each time, the very purpose of my photographs: meet, connect, show, express. Living in such a big town as Paris is so full of opportunities to meet so many different people. But opportunities and numbers are not enough; you have to expose yourself to be able to connect to people and share. I really like this little story Jane and I have built, so less talking and let's dive.