The beauty of working with models for creating art is how much different are the people you meet. I first met Noémie while working on /discloser/ set, a project where a model uses her body to express emotion and personality sides. Despite she's a young model, Noémie has strong opinions and ideas on how she is the owner of her own body, how she can or want to use it as a mean of expression for feminism.

In /persona/ project we use environment and body to tell a story. It can be a long run story about a model personality or a little story that emphasize personality sides. In this set, Noémie injected a lot of her personal story, her evolution, her path from childhood to the grown-up world with its share of issues, questions, weaknesses, and strengths.

I'm not likely to give too many details about what we have put in these pictures because I obviously hope these photographs are strong enough to be self-explanatory. But I want to thank Noémie for her kindness, for everything she shared, for the hard work she provided to build this short story and for being herself. It's pretty rare to meet such a young person with already such a strong personality and so many ideas. It is at the same time very refreshing and reassuring about our ability to convey strong ideas in a creative manner.

I'm already working on another long-term project with Noémie, which - I hope - will allow her to express in yet another way her ideas and opinions about stuff that really matters. I'm very happy to be a creative vector for this, and even more, since I totally share her ideas about feminism, the need of change in our male society both on our vision about ourselves and about our bodies. No doubt you will see Noémie back again in here ...


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