I can’t believe the last post on this blog was four years ago. I would have bet two, cause that the time I’ve spent in my cave hiding from Covid, but four… I guess I wasn’t using this blog properly, trying to explain the work instead of spitting parts of it.

I won’t promise I’ll write a lot, New Years' resolutions are too far away right now, and I don’t even believe in that, but for a few years, I have committed myself to write on another blog at a personal level. The targeted audience is mostly private: family, friends, and the accidental internet traveler. And myself. I read it again sometimes, sharing it with close people to make memories alive again. In contrast for this very blog, the intention was to produce content for others. Unknown others, especially to generate views and cross-referencing. Well, not going to happen! First I totally suck at it, and secondly, it’s a huge waste of time and cognitive energy. Instead, I intend to use this blog to drop ideas, directions, thoughts, and unpublished work that doesn’t fit in any project categories. Targeted audience? Myself and the accidental internet traveler. Fuck SEO, fuck formatting myself to the internet, welcome to my place.

If you’re reading this, well, thank you. Don’t hesitate to drop me a mail, I don’t bite and I’m basically nobody special.

PS: If this post appears somewhere on social media as I published it, that means there is a freaking robot I've forgotten about, somewhere...