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Positive Motion, This is Aurore

Since my very first post on Ello, I promised I would talk about pictures. The thing is I’m not really fond of talking about the past, I’m more concerned with present and future ; that’s why I didn’t post about previous photo sessions. I’ve just published a new shoot about the series « Positive Motion », so I bet this is the right time.

Positive Motion is born something like 3 years ago now. The main aim was to express positive feelings and emotion, without getting into the traditional clichés of little girls running in a bright sunny field and butterflies :) Well, the first thing I learned was it was really easier to express negative feelings than positive emotions. It’s easier to have a strong black and white with contrast, to show muscles and pain, to have deep make up. So I went and look for a vector. Something to lye on that would help me this my way of expression.

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