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I just wanted to share my thoughts about IG, since I've been conducting a few experiments during the last two weeks.

IG claims to have one of the biggest photo community (which I believe is true) and I don't really know why, but I keep feeling attracted by IG. I think it's basically the feeling of wanting to 'be part of it', that a lot of people seems to have fun there and that I deserve some of this fun too.
Then comes the thinking, and once I have the overcome the simple idea of getting likes for likes, I tried to figure out what would be the purpose of IG, not in general but for me. Sharing my reality with friends and relative is not an option since I'm really concerned with privacy and I don't want to share anything on a platform owned by Facebook and with no clear statement about the way data is used. So I had a simple approach, more business oriented and I tried to see if I would be able to use IG as a network allowing to get a new collaboration, meet new models.

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Backstages: bye bye instragram, hello tumblr

Depuis que j'ai retrouvé un semblant de vie numérique (comprendre, depuis que doloopidette m'a rapporté un iphone 5 des US), je m'étais remis à poster des screenshots ou des backstages sur instagram. Sauf que avant hier, j'ai été un peu trop audacieux et paf un bout de téton sur une image. Mon compte s'est aussitôt fait "flagged".

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