Guilty! I’m guilty of pushing a lot of meaning into my pictures. Or at least, I’m trying to - yeah I can hear the models who know me well, laughing at the back of the room.
That being said, to add meaning and consistency I try to build this project like a movie. I have no experience in writing, literature, or scenarios, but I’m teaching myself - Thanks daddy YouTube.

So first, I dropped a bunch of ideas, I know what my general plot will be: a girl in, her late 20s, out of any stereotypes who just struggle like millions of people with her life to sustain herself financially. She’s not abandoned by her parents, she’s not traumatized, she’s pretty lambda. And she will face the day to day patriarchy, being seen as an object because she’s attractive and dresses for herself like she wants to, failing to get promoted because the seat is taken by other men, which will lead her to look for another job, just to sustain herself. We’ve got the ‘you’, here is the ‘need’: money.

That’s the very beginning, and obviously, I have a lot more already prepped, but let’s stop a minute here. Who’s she? Let’s dig into her normal. For instance, she has a boyfriend. Caring? Not so much, he cares more about himself, of his needs. He thinks of himself as a normal guy too, he’s not a drug or alcohol addict, and he doesn’t beat her. But when it’s time for the intimacy he might have forgotten to check if it’s a good time for her too. Maybe his fantasies overstep hers. He probably never listens to what she wants and doesn’t even think about it because it’s normal for him. He’s never been taught to, never considered it was required.

That boyfriend, even as a very secondary character, is pretty interesting to reflect on as a mirror for the main protagonist. He never talked with his parents about the dynamic of a relationship: his mother cooks, her father works, that’s all he knows. His friends are just all alike, and we don’t talk about that between men. It’s not expected from him to be gentle, it’s expected to get laid with the pretty one. There is no space for growing up, and even if there was, he doesn’t know he should.
Still, he’s not the victim, he’s the abuser.

That’s it for now, I don’t want to write a huge piece here, so just like on Netflix: To be continued :)

2022. Feat JEANNE JTK for /NO.NAMES/