Exploring personality is still fascinating, even after having shot so many /discloser/ sets and iterated /persona/ project for more than three years now. Even when the shoots occurs after an exhausting week of labor, on a Friday night and both the model and the photographer are just exhausted and praying for a let-me-sleep zone.

I first met Amanda while working on /persona/ project which lead to one of my favorite set for this project. Obviously, I wanted to work with her once again, what we finally achieved to do for a new set of /discloser/ project.
During this kind of set, someone - the model - allow you to enter her intimate space, her very physical link to the world and trust you for transcribing what you see into an artistic expression. This is a great responsibility and a powerful experience that should be properly valued.

/discloser/ project is about sides of personalities: how everybody is not one-sided but have multiple traits, aspects, moods, depending on the period, age, even time of the day and interaction. Despite those multiple sides, we have one and only body which is unique but not frozen into time. Our body is alive, part self controlled, part with its own language and will.
/discloser/ is about slicing a few moment of both personality sides and body state, make them collide and explode to reveal a snapshot of ourselves.

I really love working on this project, exploring personalities, persons, and bodies like a territory, with its history and marks left by both human and nature.

I hope you will also enjoy the results as much as I enjoy the process.