The way my photography works is directly linked to what I have to express and lately I’ve been working on a new project that would deal with couples, love, humanity, relationships … In this attempt to create something new I recruited No & Matt for several tests and working sessions and I totally failed … at creating something new.

We discussed a lot, exchanged a lot, and finally booked a test shoot. We ended with this very series which I find very beautiful but at the end feels really like a /persona/ set. Even if I managed to build it differently, post processing it differently, the way my brain works pushed me in recreating the same kind of sets.

It doesn’t mean I don’t like this series: not at all. I really enjoyed shooting it, No & Matt are two really beautiful souls, young and full of contradictions like it should be to create beauty from chaos. I didn’t manage to push the project where I wanted it to go (at this time /// spoil :d) but the result is still a beautiful /persona/ set and I love it for that. I hope the images will tell the same story and you will enjoy the small snaps of life we captured.