A huge part of the emotional power that resides in /positive motion/ project is due to the very particular aestheticism conveyed by both the dance and the light & post production combo. Therefore having the opportunity to shoot with models who have special skills like being a professional dancer or,like Mimosa Pudica, a pole dance teacher is an amazing opportunity.

It’s not that easy to be comfortable enough and dance, nude, while conveying positive emotions - which is the main aim of this project, but I’m sure you already got that part ^^. Being a professional pole dancer, Mimosa Pudica has trained herself with very special moves. It’s a lot different from working with a dancer because a lot of the « walking » part is built as an introduction to a pole move and not as the keystone of the choreography. Consequently, the aestheticism is a bit more fractured, with more angles and strength, and a little more elevated also.

Even if the process is quite different from painting, the end result is treated like a painting in the tones and shadows. I often hide a lot of personal messages in my pictures, and this particular aestheticism is also intended. It took me three revisions to get to this particular post processing which I’m quite happy with. But you can put any post processing and light mastery you want, it won’t convey any emotion if the subject itself is not as powerful as your message. And here is Mimosa Pudica, with her muscular body forged by thousands of hours of practice. With her precise moves, both sharp and fragile like a stilt-walker bird.

At the time I’m writing this, I ask myself a lot of question about my photography. I think I reach a turning point and my production needs to evolve. But /positive motion/ will continue because I’m deep in love with this aestheticism, because each session is a huge energy builder and because I still have a lot of positive feelings to share.