In my last article, I explained how did I build a simple project in order to meet new people and yet fulfill my obsession with entering into one’s home as a deep dive in one’s intimacy.
Intimacy... this word is to be found on a lot of photographers websites as an excuse to shoot nude girls, spreading legs in private moments. Sure, there is some value in exploring the most private and intimates moment, aka love and sex for 90% of the series I’ve seen, and some are really great with a very profound sense of both aestheticism and connection. In my photography, I am interested in people and to my mind, there is much more to explore about one’s intimacy that only love and sex. That’s why I want to connect, be invited into your home as it is, with your mess and no judgment.

That what Carpethatfuckingdiem (what a surname heh!) did. She invited me, and after a quick talk, we shot in her bedroom, with her cat as a special guest. She chose to dress in this pair of jeans she likes to wear: simple and effective.
Thanks a lot for this shot Carpethatfuckingdiem1910!

The series goes on, new people within their den are incoming. Stay tuned and if you want to get follow the work, you can still follow my shit on Instagram.

The den of Carpethefuckingdiem1910