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The /den/ of Heliotrope

I know Heliotrope for a long time now: once model she’s now a close friend and has always been along during my journey in developing my photography, gifting me with her trust - including for my crazy and not-so-good ideas. She was there when I was working on duality back in 2008, and when I started to turn toward more positive emotions in 2011. This is why I’m really really pleased to welcome her again here for the /den/ project.

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The /den/ of Trayolp

I’ve often been asked if I wanted to switch roles and get in front of the camera, not as a photographer but as a model. The answer is …. No, not really. It’s a really difficult step for me because it’s not the way I compose my pictures and I don’t project myself into this role. It’s not really a different state of mind, but I have the feeling I would be deprived of my tools of creation. Obviously, I could still be involved in choosing light and composition but surprisingly I have more control by communicating with a model who will interpret my signals than posing myself.

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The /den/ of Sonya

I’ve been following Sonya Hibiscus on Instagram for a while now and always been amazed by how joyful she can be. When I asked her if she wanted to be part of the /den/ project she immediately said yes and here we are shooting in her small flat in Paris suburbs.

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The /den/ of carpethatfuckingdiem1910

In my last article, I explained how did I build a simple project in order to meet new people and yet fulfill my obsession with entering into one’s home as a deep dive in one’s intimacy.
Intimacy... this word is to be found on a lot of photographers websites as an excuse to shoot nude girls, spreading legs in private moments. Sure, there is some value in exploring the most private and intimates moment, aka love and sex for 90% of the series I’ve seen, and some are really great with a very profound sense of both aestheticism and connection. In my photography, I am interested in people and to my mind, there is much more to explore about one’s intimacy that only love and sex. That’s why I want to connect, be invited into your home as it is, with your mess and no judgment.

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Introducing the /den/ project

I’ve been obsessed with people place and how it can reveal oneself for a while now: /home/, /persona/ are testimonies of my past tries dealing with this rabbit hole. Lately, I’ve been focused on building the /equi.libre/ project which is a pretty complex one, involving multiple models, staged aesthetics, location finding, complex lightning ... and I really needed to have an alternative project running: one which would be lighter, easier to set up, and properly sized to encounter new people who I would involve in other sets: this is how I gave birth to the /den/, of which I must say I’m pretty excited about!

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